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Upgrade For your HVAC system

Pre- & post-heating solutions for HVAC & ventilation systems with heat recovery


safe heating with minimal pressure drop: PTC Makes it possible

In the construction industry, the trend is towards well-insulated low-energy buildings with sustainable energy consumption, resulting in increasingly dense building envelopes. Even though those succeed in reducing the loss of valuable heat and energy, they prevent natural moisture exchange with the outside air. HVAC and ventilation systems are therefore essential to avoid building structure damage. In order to conserve energy, heat exchangers are indispensable components of such systems in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. They transfer thermal energy from exhaust air to intake air. While the exhaust air’s moisture saturation remains nearly constant, moisture can gather in the heat recovery unit.



When exposing your system to low intake air temperatures, there is a chance for ice formation within the heat recovery unit. To avoid system failure, the fresh intake air must be pre-heated when temperatures drop below 0°C.



If you want to guarantee more comfort on cold winter days, post-heaters help to additionally heat fresh intake air for a warm and cozy living space.


PTC Heating solutions for centralized & decentralized ventilation systems


Plug-in unit with touch protection & connection cable

  • Power up to 2kW

  • Easy integration

  • Finger guard against contact with hot live parts

  • Minimal pressure drop

  • Temperature limiter can be integrated


Circular unit for ventilation ducts (DN125, DN160) with control electronics

  • Standardized diameter for plug-in into conventional ventilation ducts

  • Insulated heating elements (HRP)

  • Minimal pressure drop

  • Thermal fuse available


Insulated Air Heater (HRP) Series

  • Power up to 3kW

  • Encapsulated heating elements, electrically insulated

  • Minimal pressure drop

  • Various installation options (housing with screw points, slider, covering rail with t-slot)

  • Temperature limiter can be integrated

  • Available in 3 standard sizes (S, M, L) with or without housing

  • Modular system for custom solutions


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